Private Lessons for Adults

Do you want to learn how to sew? Join us for the "Intro to Sewing Series". Students will attend class once a week for one-hour sessions. Students will complete a total of six classes focused on sewing basics. What is covered in the "Intro to Sewing Series"? Week 1: Learn about sewing safety, parts of the machine, and how to thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin. Week 2: We discuss what fabrics you should be working with as a beginner, how to lay out patterns onto your fabric, and proper cutting techniques. Week 3: Back to the machine! We will be look at different stitches, achieving a correct seam allowance, increasing the stitch length and reviewing how to thread our sewing machines. Week 4: Sewing with Accuracy - how to sew curves and corners, matching seams, and how to press seams correctly for clean finishes. Week 5: Put your knowledge to action. Cutout and begin following simple steps to complete a tote bag. Week 6: Continue practicing sewing basics by completing your first simple sewing project. 

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